Magic Master ® Sidewalk Signs

Magic Master ® Brand Sidewalk Signs are one of our more popular outdoor retail sidewalk signage displays. Magic Master® signs offer 4 popular sidewalk signage models that focus on mobility. Interchangeable sign loading, and flexibility. These characteristics make these A-frame signs perfect for retail sidewalk displays intended to provide outdoor advertising opportunities for store owners located in high foot trafficked locations.

Swinger Signs

Rolling swinger a-frames provide for ease of mobility, and basic swinging signs are light weight and easily transportable making these swingers the perfect outdoor storefront display for retailers and restaurants. Their modern design combined with a subtle swinging movement allows businesses to attract attention from any storefront space, and their double-sided display capabilities ensures patrons recognize advertisements quickly.

Springer Signs

Our Magic Master ® Springer Signs include a wheeled base with a convenient protruding handle for easy transport. Named Springer Signage due to the fact that these signs include a spring mechanism for flexing in even substantial windy conditions. The water fill base for adding extra weight is manufactured using outdoor durable plastic and is built to withstand the abuse and wear associated to the continuous outdoor exposure these signs are accustomed to. These Bases do not dent or corrode and provide a space to add water for a weighted stand.

QLA Signs

QLA ("Quick Load A-Frame") signs are one of the more portable signs with a modern architecture Magic Master ® produces. The paneled version of the QLA sign model are one of the more efficient a-frames for sign panel interchangeability. However, the QLA model does include removable letter based and marking signs as well.

Tip & Roll Signs

Named appropriately, these signs include a heavy duty base with wheels on one side, and when tipped for transport, the wheels are engaged and the sign can easily roll for easy storage and setup. The heavy duty plastic base is perfect for outdoor displaying of retail ads and specials, and their tall / thin design makes these the ideal sidewalk signage where close proximity and tight storefront spacing is an issue.

Display Options

The Magic Master ® line-up of sign A-frames offers a diverse range of displays depending on the type of sidewalk sign needed. Their self loading panel board signs provide one of the more efficient interchangeable sign panel loading signs in the market place. However, if retailers want to change out daily specials and swap out any written message using only letters, the removable letter signage, the felt pen based marker board wipe off signs, or even the easily erasable chalkboard signs may be more appropriate for a store owner or restaurateur.