All Signs Point to Summer with!

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The grass has been cut, the hedges are trimmed and there are no longer any ant hills in sight! You’ve planted some heat-resistant flowers and spread new mulch. Your yard is pristine and ready for for summer and your honey-do list just got a bit shorter. A week later you notice a sign in your yard– “Congratulations! Yard of The Month!” You’re beaming brighter than the summer sun!

The pool is sparkling, the radio is playing and the lemonade is ice cold. Guests come shuffling up the driveway and into your backyard carrying bundled up beach towels and goggles. They take off their flip flops and cannonball into the deep end giggling and splashing. Your close neighbors all found your house without a problem, but a few of the further families are relieved you had Yard Signs up so that they didn’t have to drive in circles and call for directions. The arrow sign pointing towards the backyard also let them know to bypass your front door since you’re all partying by the pool.

The graduation cap and gown are hanging neatly for all to see, the kitchen is decked out in your son’s school colors– balloons are everywhere, the napkins and plates are color-coordinated and there is food laid out on every inch of counter space you have. A couple of “Congrats, Grad!” signs adorn your front yard and even the old, crotchety neighbor who had his window broken a decade ago by your kid’s baseball stops by for cake with a card! “I saw the signs out front,” his croaky voice says as he hands it to you.

No matter what events and happy times lie ahead for you and your family this summer, get colorful Custom Yard Signs for your yard to lend a helping hand. They’re a convenient way to guide people to you and the fun!

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