The Savings Never End with!

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Last week, Damon Albarn, front man for a band called Blur, had to be carried off the stage by a security guard in Denmark following a performance that lasted five hours. The crowd loved him and his extended set. The security guard? Not so much. It was 4:00 AM after all.

That’s called giving the people what they want. This is precisely what we try to do each week with our specials.

Only sometimes, we’re not exactly sure what our customers are looking for that particular week, so we do our best to anticipate their needs. This week, we put in an “all purpose” discount code that you can use on whatever you want. That’s the 10% off Club Code.

Let the savings begin. Or continue, actually. I’m heading backstage to the dressing room and my deli tray. The Baron has left the building.

Robert Marsh
The Banner Baron