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Create Custom Canvas Prints Using Your Family Photos

A couple hundred years ago getting a family portrait meant paying an artist a substantial sum of money to create a painting. The end product was attractive, but boy was it a long, costly endeavor.

Today Custom Canvas Prints are replacing fancy paintings and providing great ideas for adding personalized home-decor concepts to any room. By printing photographs onto canvas, one can easily achieve the same effect and finish of painted canvas art but with the personalization of family photographs, vacation snapshots or other pictures one might take for remembering a special moment in time. By uploading one’s favorite digital photos and then applying these unique pictures to the canvas art products we sell, anyone can now create memorable collages of their favorite pics on canvas. Hang these collages and canvas art in the home or at the office for applying a custom personalized decorative approach to any empty wall space.

Our design team put together this list of canvas print tips to help you create a work of art right on your computer!

Choose Your Canvas Size
The ideal size for a canvas print depends on where you plan to display the artwork along with the size and type of digital photo or picture you plan to use. The more details contained in the intended photograph(s) , the bigger the canvas will need to be to ensure that those memorable details do not get lost in the printed canvas art you create.

Canvas prints range from 8”x8” up to 20”x20”. Small prints are a great option for desks and gifts, while a larger canvas print will help fill up the space of a bare living room wall that’s begging for visual appeal. One might also think of combining multiple sizes and photographs together on any wall space to prepare a truly creative canvas art collage.

Use Photos From Anywhere
It all starts with a memorable photo. Our online design tools allow you to grab pictures from anywhere:

· Facebook
· Instagram
· Picasa
· Computer Files

With a few clicks you can upload your favorite photo and start customizing.

Make Sure the Picture Quality is on Point
If you’re uploading an image from your computer it will need to be in a JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PDF format. Generally speaking, TIFF files offer the best quality, which is why the files tend to be large. Regardless of the file type, the resolution needs to be high quality in order to get the best detail and clarity. Avoid images that aren’t in focus, have lighting issues or need color correction.

It’s a good idea to edit images and make enhancements before uploading them. We also suggest that customers make enlargements and crop the picture to size before starting the customization process.

Picture Positioning
Once your image is uploaded you can position it on the canvas to capture the whole picture or just the portion you want to capture. We also provide easy to use online canvas editing tools to help apply sizing and affects:

· Scale the image up or down
· Size the image to fit the canvas
· Rotate the image
· Use horizontal or vertical orientation

A dotted line will indicate the frame for the canvas print so you know exactly what will be displayed.

Finishing Frame Touches
Last but not least you’ll need to decide how thick you want the frame to be and the edge treatment. The thickness can affect how much is seen along the edge of the canvas and how far it protrudes from the wall. It can also impact your frame options.

The most popular edge treatment is the wrap option, which allows the image to naturally spill over the edges all around. A mirror edge will reflect what’s seen along the trim of the canvas. You can also choose a smooth edge for a blurred effect or a solid color of your choice. If you don’t plan to add a frame consider your edge options carefully since the sides of the canvas will be visible.

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