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“How would you like your dessert?” seems like a simple question with a simple answer. But not if you’re asking boys under the age of 13. OK, I’m getting ahead of myself. On a recent road trip with my three sons, the first order of business was the selection of new nicknames for all. After a frenzied discussion, we finally settled on “Mayonnaise” for my eldest (it’s from his favorite song). “French Fry” for the middle guy (following a formal petition to abandon his previous moniker, “Barbecue Sauce”). And finally, “Ketchup” for the youngest. Or maybe it’s “Catsup”. Doesn’t matter. Later, we arrived at a local restaurant, enjoyed a delightful meal with great service, and then ordered cheesecake for dessert. That’s when the waiter put my progeny to the ultimate culinary test. “What would you like with your dessert?” My offspring quickly ordered a bacchanalia of enhancements, each request grander than the one before. “Chocolate fudge! Sprinkles! Whipped cream! And then…more chocolate fudge syrup on the side!” When it arrived, all requests had been addressed in exemplary fashion and the presentation was exactly as ordered. Now, that experience prompts me to remind you that you can get exactly what you need from, as well. Need extra grommets? Need it tomorrow? Need it bigger, Double Sided, or with Velcro®? OK, no problem, we’re on it. Just ask, and we’ll make it happen. Except for the chocolate fudge sauce. Which I will NEVER eat again.

Robert Marsh
The Banner Baron