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A nursery is an ideal place to utilize custom banners. Signs and banners broadcast your products and sales, as well as guide your customers around the various types of vegetation. The small instruction tags on each plant may be too hard for every customer to read. Installing vivid signs and banners in each section of the store will guide customers around the nursery as they browse your inventory.

Custom Banners Say Follow Along the Path

Design your floral banners with the botanical and common names on them. Hang these banners above that specific group of plants. Then have the banners printed with the areas they thrive in such as in a shady or partly shady location or full sun. Designate local plants with banners that spell out ‘local’ then design them with the flowers or plants in full bloom so customers can see exactly what they will look like in bloom. Design a space for herbs and have the banners printed with their uses, like salad herbs or healing herbs or those that smell good for potpourri.

Use Banners to Designate Specific Displays

Hang various banners where plants or garden tools are on sale. If it is near the end of a growing season and you have groups of seasonal plants unsold, then pull all of the plants into one area and hang the vinyl banners over them announcing a 30% discount or sale. The large banners will draw the customers to that location and you will see the plants being sold quickly as everyone is lured to the special deal. Use them to announce special seasonal displays or custom made planters. A good idea is to set up containers of pre-planted flowers and print pictures of each plant in bloom on a banner hanging above these displays. Custom banners in full color are perfect promotional tools throughout a nursery filled with plants and garden tools!

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