Design Tips for Local Group Signs from!

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Local associations are an important part of the community and economy. They can provide vital support for people in a specific industry, promote interaction among neighbors or keep people active and healthy.

There are thousands of different local associations across the country, but every organization depends on one thing – membership. That’s where high quality signs can help. When your local association is taking part in an event, well-designed signs can help attract more attention and generate tons of interest. Even if you’ve never made a poster board sign before, the five tips below will help you design a local group sign that looks like it was created by a professional graphic artist.

1. Design With the Venue in Mind

Many local associations don’t consider custom signage until they plan to attend a special event. If you are creating social event signs the venue will play an important role in the design. For one, it will influence how large the sign can be. It will also affect the type of signage that can be used based on how the sign can be displayed. If you aren’t able to access the venue before the event the safest bet will be a banner stand since these don’t require any special installation or hanging.

2. Put Your Logo Where It Will Be Easily Seen

Your logo is the visual cue that people will recognize and associate with your organization. On a horizontal banner the logo should be placed to the far left in the design because people read from left to right. If you are using a vertical banner the association’s logo should be put at the top of the sign.

3. Use Graphics to Send a Message From Far Away

We’ve all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words – and it’s 100% true. Graphics are an easy way to quickly associate your local association with a place, activity, occupation, etc. Graphics are also easier to read from across the room than text, they are visually more interesting and they can keep your banner design from looking too cluttered.

4. Use Color Strategically

Full color banner printing is much more eye catching than black and white, but colors need to be used strategically so that your message is highlighted rather than hidden. When you create custom signs online for an association with an established color scheme it’s best to input the RGB color codes take out some of the guesswork. A few other things to keep in mind are:

• Colors can affect emotions – red = intensity, blue = stability, yellow = energy, purple = luxury and green = peacefulness
• There needs to be a high contrast between the background color and text color so the banner is easier to read.
• A white background looks clean and will compliment a wide range of colors.

5. Don’t Forget Your Contact Details

The whole point of creating local group signs is to generate interest in your organization. Many associations make the mistake of forgetting to add contact information to their sign. We suggest subtly adding your phone number or website address to the bottom of the sign. That way it’s not in the way of your message, but people still know how they can learn more about the group.