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I know. I know. It’s only July. But if there’s one thing I learned in school, other than how to fake an injury in gym class, it’s the value of planning in advance.

If you’re a teacher, a librarian, a coach, an administrator, a school nurse, or some other valued member of the educational system, chances are you’re already actively involved in planning for the coming year. And if those plans, and your daily duties, include signs or banners, may I suggest you do a quick inventory of what’s left from last year and what needs to be updated for the coming year?

Advance selection and ordering from allows you to take advantage of our weekly specials, take your time with your designs, and double check your work. It will also allow you to use our free Super Saver Shipping, which is still very fast, and avoid the higher shipping rates associated with rush orders. Hopefully, you’ll find something on sale this week that will suit your needs.

And for those of you enjoying summer fun with your kids, take lots and lots of photos and transfer them to Vinyl Banners.

Finally, a special word of thanks to the teachers who will be welcoming my three sons back to school in a few weeks. You’re the BEST! And I’ll be seeing you soon. Most likely in a parent-teacher meeting about my rascals.

Robert Marsh
The Banner Baron