Dressed for Business with eSigns.com

Posted in Promos

Tables are a big deal; lots of important things happen at and around tables. Besides family dinners and holiday feasts, tables are at the center of most major business deals, serious talks and big discussions. There are even common sayings that stem from the idea that tables are the place to be for business: “On the table,” “Table the motion,” “Bring something to the table” and “Under the table” all demonstrate this point.

Since tables play such a large role in business, why wouldn’t you want your table to work for you? Consider it one of your top employees; you want it to be dressed to impress. Consider us your table’s favorite clothier– we can make custom table-front banners that will make desks and nightstands swoon.

At trade shows and conferences you may have a booth set up with many of our eSigns Signs and Banners, but don’t forget what is out in front: your table. It is what people approach, so make sure it is dressed for the occasion! Our Table Banners are printed on 13-ounce smooth vinyl, without hems or grommets, and arrive with adhesive hook-and-loop strips for easy installation on the front of any table.

Our Table Banners come in three sizes to best fit your table’s size. Grab customers’ attention at exhibitions and promotional events with a table banner at the head of your welcoming display. It will help showcase your brand, products and services in a bold and completely customizable way.

Ensure that everyone who passes your booth is exposed to your company’s offerings and brand. Think of us as your business’s dressmaker or tailor; we will get your tables fitted for attire that will make it (and your business!) stand out in the crowd. There’s no better way to turn the tables on your competition than a well-dressed table banner from eSigns.com.