Home for the Holidays with eSigns.com

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Are you prepared to have family in town for the holidays? Thanksgiving is three short weeks away and Christmas is coming up in seven! Maybe you spring cleaned like crazy in March – but that was eight months ago! Maybe you’re stocking up on clean linens, relatives’ favorite goodies, and perhaps even some holiday shopping in case you will only be seeing them for Thanksgiving and not in December.

We are sure your home is warm and inviting, or at least that it will be before they arrive. But think about it, what’s hanging over your fireplace or resting on the mantle right now? If you picture your living or family room wall and it is empty, fill it with a custom Canvas Print from eSigns.com! If you picture it and it has a lovely family portrait hanging there from 1998, it is time for a new picture. Your in-laws and parents have seen that one for the past 16 years and are questioning not only the ‘90s attire, but why it is still out in plain sight! Besides, your kids are adults now and it makes them cringe. Every time.
You still have plenty of time to get it printed and hung up in time for the end of the year’s festivities, especially with the eSigns.com Order Today, Ships Today option! There are eight Canvas Prints to choose from (get an 8×8 for your mother-in-law, or a huge 20×20 if you want to shock her). You can upload photos from your computer or choose them from your Facebook, Instagram or Picasa accounts! We even include filter options in case none of the ones on Instagram are making your photos memorable enough. Our Behind-the-scenes pros can help perfect your photo by deleting time/date stamps, removing “Red Eye”, and even whitening teeth!

Make your home and hearth more homey for the holidays at eSigns.com!