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People show their love for one another in a variety of ways, but as of this week, there is one less way to say “I love you” in Paris.

The practice of couples putting a lock on a Paris bridge and throwing their keys into the river below has now been outlawed and thousands and thousands of locks are being cut off these fences and taken away.

Parisian officials say it is a safety concern because of the weight of the locks. Locals deemed the practice déclassé. That means tacky in French.

So, if you’re looking for a way to say “Je t’aime” without breaking the law or offending the French, may I suggest a sign or banner from eSigns.com? Four of them are specially priced this week.

By the way, I am decidedly NOT fluent in French. I looked those words up. In fact, I have no gift for languages. Several years ago, I tested my Spanish when ordering dinner in an Acapulco restaurant. My waiter was so amused by my pronunciation that he called all of the other waiters over and asked me to repeat my order. They roared with laughter.

Apparently, I had requested a chicken-fried telephone book.

C’est la vie. I think that means “hold the gravy”.

Robert Marsh
The Banner Baron