Bet On These Savings From Extended Through Sunday

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The team leaders just got back from our meetings in Las Vegas and what was waiting for us when we returned? A SPECTACULAR response to my 60% off special! While we were dreaming about new ways to deliver on our Fast-Easy-Cheap-and Totally Awesome promise, it seems that my production specialists have been turning out order after order for you so we didn’t miss a beat! And without my help!!! Well, I know a good thing when I see it. Let the savings continue through the weekend! And don’t worry about those hard workers back in Michigan. Their vacation was having me out of their hair for a week. If these numbers keep up, they’ll never hear from me again! Remember, every time you take advantage of these 60% off specials, a cutter, a printer, or a shipper in Michigan smiles. So, don’t do it for me. Do if for them.

Robert Marsh
The Banner Baron