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Magnetic Signs: Magnetic Sign Size and Style Guide

Magnetic signs are an extremely popular way to take your marketing on the road – literally. They adhere to the side of a vehicle in seconds, instantly turning it into a mobile marketing machine. Imagine how profitable the next traffic jam could be when the most interesting thing drivers have to look at is your custom magnetic sign.

They’re easy to use, but how easy is it to design a top-notch magnetic sign?

Customers have a lot of questions about this unique sign material. That’s why our printing pros created the magnetic sign style guide. It will help you consider all the design elements and magnetic sizes for a sign before making a final decision.

Magnetic Sign Sizes

The size of the magnetic sign is the biggest decision you have to make. Size affects everything from the price to where the sign can be used. To determine which magnetic sign size will work best, you first have to decide which vehicles you want to put them on. Next, measure the side panels of the smallest vehicle so you can gauge the maximum size that can be used on all your cars. Magnetic signs need a relatively flat, metal surface to properly adhere which is why the side panel is often the best location.

Standard magnetic sign sizes include:

● 6”x12”
● 12”x18”
● 12”x24”
● 18”x36”
● 24”x36”
● 24”x48”

If you are looking for something outside of the standard magnetic sign size our printers can customize it for you. Just select one size up, and we’ll cut it down.

Magnetic Sign Orientation

There are two traditional magnetic sign shapes: squares and rectangles. But the beauty of rectangles is that they can be used horizontally or vertically. Most magnetic signs are designed to be horizontal because the orientation fits most car doors. However, if you have a large van or truck, a vertical design is always an option and the unexpected orientation could catch more people’s attention.

Magnetic Sign Color

Full color signs with sharp graphics are the best way to get noticed even when you’re driving 60 MPH down the highway. High quality magnetic signs are printed on magnetized vinyl. It provides the same versatility and rich color saturation as vinyl banners. But there are a few extra things to think about when you’re designing magnetic signs.

The color of the vehicle(s) has to be taken into consideration because you want to create high contrast between the sign and the car. In other words, if your vehicle is white make sure the background is a dark or bright color. That way the sign really pops and grabs people’s attention. Because magnetic signs are strictly used outdoors, UV-resistant inks are another must.

Magnetic Sign Design Considerations

Simplicity is the key to successful magnetic sign design. People may have just a few seconds to see your sign so your message has to come across clearly and quickly. The busier the sign design, the harder it will be for drivers to get the core message. Our design pros suggest focusing on three things: your name or business name, a tagline that explains what you do, and contact information.

Drive more customers to your business – start designing your own custom signs today!