Get On a First Name Basis with!

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Gilligan had a first name, but it was never mentioned in a single episode of Gilligan’s Island. It was Willy, according to the series creator, who had the name ready–just in case–but never used it. As a result of a promotional contest back in the 60’s, Mr. Clean has a first name, too. It’s Veritably. I am so not making this up. Chuck Norris’ first name is not Chuck. It’s not even Charles. It’s Carlos. The Monopoly mascot? Rich Uncle Pennybags? That’s Milburn. Turtle on HBO’s Entourage? Salvatore. And Miley Cyrus’ REAL first name is Destiny.

When we added a cool, New X-Stand to our banner stand lineup. I decided it needed a dandy first name to match its six foot glory. So I came up with “empire”, in honor of that legendary concrete and steel edifice in NYC, and the Empire-X was born. Allow me to point out that it’s specially priced this week.

Cool, huh? And it makes much more sense than Veritably.

Robert Marsh
The Banner Baron