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My latest obsession is HGTV. That’s the cable TV channel with shows about home improvement, remodeling, gardening, and other glamorous domestic stuff. And my absolute favorite HGTV program is Property Brothers, the story of identical twins from Canada who help people find and rejuvenate fixer uppers.

Drew is the real estate guy. Jonathan is the decorator/designer. They know their stuff and are great entertainers, but after watching episode after episode, I pretty much know how each show is going to go.

“You can’t afford this house, but we’ll build you one just like it.”

“You won’t believe what we found when we tore down the walls.”

“OMG, is this our house?!! You guys are amazing!”

It’s a basic formula, but it works. And it reminds me a lot of me and my brother Roy, the eSigns.com CFO. We each have a separate set of complementary skills, which makes us a strong team. We know what our respective jobs are and we do them. And in the process, we make money and make people happy.

Like the Property Brothers, we are both snappy dressers, quick witted, and devoted to our families. Unlike the Property Brothers, we are not twins and neither of us are 6’4″ with a full head of hair. Nor have we ever modeled underwear or swimsuits. Well, at least not professionally.

We’d like to let you and the Property Brothers know that our Vinyl Banners are specially priced. They’re perfect for family photos and make a lovely addition to any home.

Robert Marsh
The Banner Baron