Rule Your School with!

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August is here, and soon the squeals and giggles of kids heading back into the classroom will be too! There’s always a bittersweet feeling surrounding the end of summertime. It is sad that real life and schedules and parent-teacher conferences begin, but it is exciting to get to learn new faces and make an impression on a new group of children.

At, we want it to be more sweet than bitter! Welcome students to your classroom with style and personality by adding custom signs, banners or vinyl decals.

Trade in paper cut-inducing construction paper and rubber cement for a bold, colorful customized banner. You’ll be the envy of the break room, and can refer all of your fellow teachers to for a $10 Starbucks gift card. You can even make personalized coasters to set your coffee on, and we know you could really use the extra caffeine after little Johnny refuses to stop eating glue and sniffing scented markers. (Seriously, the black marker does NOT smell like licorice, put it down Johnny-boy.)

So whether your old school “Welcome to Mrs./Ms./Mr. So-and-so’s Class” banner needs a new look, or your “10 Rules” sign is out of date, we can help you make them as perfect as you wish Johnny was.

Don’t forget our chalkboard and dry-erase signage options. We know that nothing says “I need this message to me temporary” as well as these choices. Just be sure to keep the chalkboard erasers away from Johnny’s clapping hands.

Maybe a sign for gold star stickers is a good decision this year? Johnny needs a little extra incentive to be a good boy, and you need to keep your sanity until winter break.

Regardless, we’re here for you, we appreciate you, and thank you for educating tomorrow’s future.

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