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Secrets to Selecting the Perfect Trade Show Banner in 2015

Which Trade Show Signs Fit Your Marketing Style? There’s a lot of flash at trade shows today. In fact, some larger trade shows look more like the Las Vegas Strip than a conference, with all of their lights, costumes and salesmen on every corner. With that many vendors all in one place, companies that are able to attract the most attention are the ones that rake in the most new customers.

One of the most effective ways to draw people in is with high quality custom trade show signs. They are now a necessity for any business that wants to make back the cost of their booth. Without signs for trade shows, it’s easy for people to overlook your display and keep moving right down the line to the next vendor.

If you’re gearing up for a trade show this year, you’ve probably noticed there’s no shortage of custom signage. You know you need trade show signs, but which ones should you buy?

Trade show Hanging Signs are your style if . . .

You want to attract attention from a distance. Trade show hanging signs can help you maximize the use of your vertical space and get the word out about your booth from across the convention center. They’re especially ideal if your booth is located in the middle of an aisle where it may be more difficult for attendees to see you.

Trade show Display Signs are your style if . . .

You’ve got products or services that you want to promote to passersby without being pushy. If you aren’t an extrovert or vocal salesman but want to bring people closer to your booth, trade show display signs can do the work for you. They create visual appeal and generate interest, all without you having to say a word. They can also provide information to visitors if you’re tied up talking to someone else.

Trade show Pop Up Signs are your style if . . .

You want the quickest and easiest set-up, even if it costs a little more. Everything you need is contained in the carrying case, and it takes around a minute to get your signs up. Pop up display banners are also very high quality and give your business a sleek, high-end look. If exuding success is what you’re going for, pop up trade show signs will get the job done.

At we’ve got trade show signs for every type of style. Plus, we let you customize your signs for free so they really stand out from the crowd. Order $49 or more, and we’ll even cover the cost of shipping for you!