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Accessories are a staple in fashion, and some celebrities are known for having an accessory that is part of their famous image– Sally Jessy Raphael and her oversized red glasses, Michael Jackson and his fedora/glove combination, Steve Jobs and his black mock turtleneck worn with blue jeans, and Dolly Parton and her insanely huge… hair.

Our banners are a celebrity among the eSigns family, and they have an accessory of their own that they hate to part with– our Banner Stands. Sure they have frames and grommet kits and even banner tape that they like to dress up with, but nothing compares to their characteristic banner stands.

All of these items can be bought separately or together, and if your banner is in need of a stand simply order it at Likewise, if your banner stand could use a banner with a different message to hold, we’ve got you covered. Despite their durable composition, our banner stands are easy to install and take down. They work wonderfully for long-term or temporary placement.

Our banner stands come in options for both single and Double-Sided Banners. They also have a wide variety of sizes and materials, too, including bamboo, aluminum, aluminum alloy, and plastic. eSigns banner prints are bold and beautiful by themselves, but adding a stand gives them an even more polished, professional appearance. They are affordable choices that are perfect for showroom floors, welcome lobbies, and center aisle exhibits.

Don’t let your banner go out in public without its distinctive Banner Stand. They get great attention from passers-by when they are alone (just like celebrities and the paparazzi!), but they shine like they’re red carpet ready when they are adorned with a stand! These lightweight A-listers are the star of the show at conferences, conventions, festivals, and events. Order your show-stopping banner stand from today!