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Sign Man Says

Sometimes it is awkward to tell people to stop doing something. Sometimes it makes us feel like we are being rude, short-tempered or bossy, but often somebody has to do it. Make that somebody a sign!

Putting a message on a sign gives it extra credibility. It gives documented proof of something, and it takes all the blame for being mean.

  • Tell crazy kiddos at the pool to stop running and they might for two seconds, but blow a whistle and point to the sign that says “No running near the pool,” and they obey instantly.
  • Make sure everyone knows not to park in your spot with a custom sign, or tell them not to park in a certain area with a designated aluminum ‘No Parking’ sign. You can also get directional or tow-away signs at!
  • Keep shirtless, shoeless customers out of your business with a ‘No shirt, no shoes, no business’ sign. It is definitely an energy saver as opposed to chasing wet, sandy hooligans out of your nice and tidy shop.
  • Need to get kids to stop rollerblading or skateboarding in your parking lot or on sidewalks so that they don’t cause accidents? Post signs up!
  • Do you have people come into your restaurant with outside food and just order a drink and use your WiFi for hours? Slap up a sign that tells them that outside food is not okay!
  • Need to make sure people know that they cannot smoke in front of your business’s entrance? Let them know with a sign.
  • Having trouble keeping trespassers off your property? Warn them to get off with a custom sign.

No matter what you need to tell folks not to do, we can help you create a sign. Let the signs be the ‘bad guy,’ so that you don’t have to, and if they ask “Why?,” you can tell them the signs says so. Nobody questions a sign!