The Signs of Summer from!

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This time of year kids are going crazy that summer is practically at their fingertips. College students are finishing up finals, while high school and younger students are counting down the weeks of school left until their vacation. It is during these final weeks of spring leading into summer that we tend to spot some specific seasonal signs around.

Have you noticed any of these signs or banners popping up around your workplace or neighborhood?

Pool Hour Signs – These seems to be on every corner in every subdivision! Get those arm floaties and sunscreen bottles packed up because the pools are ready for you!

Lifeguarding Signs – Obviously these go hand-in-hand with the pool hours signs we keep seeing. Public pools are hiring like crazy right now!

Garage Sale Signs – Folks have finally finished up their spring cleaning and are letting friends and neighbors know that their treasures are all up for grabs before the summer heat arrives in full-force.

Lemonade Stand Signs – We love seeing these old-timey frontyard businesses in action on sunny days (even if the lemonade is always way too sour or way too sweet). Teaching kids about business in a fun way is always a good idea to us.

Daycare Signs – Daycares know that many children will be out of the classrooms this summer, but that parents will still be away from home working. Signs for daycare and babysitting services and businesses are coming to their rescue.

We are here to help you make great signs and banners for any occasion this summer. What seasonal signs have you seen springing up now that spring is fading into summer?