Political Sign Do’s & Don’ts

Political Signage Do's and Don'ts from eSigns.com!

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Political signs are a candidate’s calling card. When done right, they can win over voters and help build name recognition. When they miss the mark they can drain your valuable campaign funds. Before ordering political signs online, take a few minutes to

Pantone vs. CMYK: Fight!

Pantone vs CMYK Fight!

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Pantone is the most popular color matching system used to print spot colors. This means that each color is printed with its own ink, instead of being printed using a blend of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (known as process

Be a Game Day Champ with Signs

Be a Game Day Champ with Signs from eSigns.com!

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Be a Game Day Champ with Signs Who in the crowd starts The Wave at the game? Likely someone very, very loud. Want to be that super cool fan? We’re here to help! Nothing gets a crowd to shout “Go

Colors Invented by The Banner Baron

The Color Your World Sale from eSigns.com!

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A MESSAGE FROM THE BANNER BARON There was a time in my life—long, long ago—when all I really wanted was the 64 color Crayon set with the built in sharpener. My school friend Larry had one. He was always asking

When to Use JPG, EPS, PNG, PDF Images

When to Use JPG, EPS, PNG, and PDF Files from eSigns.com!

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Image File Extensions and When to Use Them .JPG A JPG or JPEG is a Raster Image most commonly used when saving images from the web. When saving an image, consider the medium you will be using it for. If

eSigns Tips to Increase Readability

eSigns Tips to Increase Readability

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Tips to Increase Readability The battle between art and commerce has been going on for centuries, and it extends, quite dramatically, into the world of signs and banners. Ever pass a billboard whose message was unclear or that you simply couldn’t

The Perfect Color Match!

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A NEW DESIGN TIP FROM THE BANNER BARON  Repeat eSigns customers who order additional signs with the same color palette but different messages will find today’s design tool tutorial especially helpful. This week, we show you how to save colors

Color the world!

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MORE COOL STUFF FROM THE BANNER BARON While black and white signs can certainly make a statement, using the power of color to drive your message home opens the door to thousands of design options. This week’s video tutorial will

Notes from the Tech Ninja: High Contrast vs. Low

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When it comes to designing banners, a good eye-catching design is key to making a successful design. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by using colors with high contrast. In its simplest terms, high contrast colors refers

A Pigment of my Imagination

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Here at Esigns we print a lot of vinyl banners and we get and get asked a lot of questions here about color. The most common one is “Should I set my file to CMYK or RGB colors?” Many others

Colors and Their Meanings

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Colors have power. It may not seem like it but colors invoke emotion and thought. They can get you fired up or calm you down. When used together, colors can project ideas and messages. The right color combinations can invoke