Best Indoor Signs for Political Rallies

It's Time to Shine, Candidates! with!

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One of the most exciting aspects of election season is the political rallies. It’s when a campaign stirs up the energy in their base and hopefully wins over undecided voters. This is a candidate’s time to shine, which is why

What is Vinyl? Find Out!

Vinyl Takes the Cake with!

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It’s a question that isn’t that commonly asked, but it isn’t all that commonly answered either. So what is it? Well, it all starts with plastic: So What is Vinyl? Vinyl is a plastic resin that’s used pretty much anywhere that

Tips For Installing Banners with Bungee Cords

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If you’re new to installing banners with bungee cords, then you’re probably at least familiar with how annoying and difficult to use bungee cords can be at times. Let’s face it—if you’ve ever played with bungee cords, even for five

Installing Vinyl Banners with Bungee Cords for a New Gym

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A new gym will need grand opening vinyl banners and the best way of installing vinyl banners with bungee cords is the best way because they can move easily if it is a windy day. Installing Vinyl Banners with bungee

Installing Vinyl Banners Inside

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A few days ago, I tore a grommet out of a 13oz. banner to highlight the importance of using grommets in outdoor (read windy) locations. Now, heavier vinyl isn’t the answer – after all, 13 oz. is industry standard in

Resisting the Wind – Installing Vinyl Banners Outside

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I just got in from shooting a video on the importance of hanging banners with bungee instead of with ropes. After that video, I just had to share my comments on things. While I know we suggest that you use