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Sometimes, great ideas come to me in my dreams. And sometimes, I just dream about weird things. Last night, I dreamt that a pair of trained otters were taking dollar bills from my living room and scattering them on my front lawn. This despite the fact that my living room is not littered with cash, nor have I ever seen an otter in my neighborhood (much less a synchronized team). The world needs dreamers because they come up with great ideas and cool new products.

I bet that’s how we ended up with the Grasshopper-X Banner Stand that we’re spotlighting this week. has a number of banner stands from which to choose, but the Grasshopper is especially lightweight and portable. It’s perfect for situations where you only need a one-sided banner, but want to maintain a look of sophistication for your indoor display. So if you’re dreaming about a great looking booth or interior display (see what I did there?), the Grasshopper might be the right choice. And if you’re dreaming about otters in your living room, I’m betting we ate at the same restaurant.

Robert Marsh
The Banner Baron