Shay Luedeke

Sr. Director, Technology & Architecture

If not for an intriguing twist of professional fate, Shay Luedeke might have ended up in the employ of Warren Buffet, but his service to Houston Astros owner Drayton McLane, Jr. was as close to a celebrity employer as this Texas A&M graduate has been so far. That is, unless you include high profile entrepreneur Robert Marsh, who recruited Luedeke as his Manager of Information Systems at and provided the opportunity and resources this Internet magician needed to succeed.

In his position as's Sr. Director, Technology & Architecture, Luedeke's job is to create order out of chaos, generating systems and platforms from ideas scribbled at odd hours on legal pads and restaurant napkins. What the operational staff and creative collaborators at imagine, Luedeke turns into manageable form, connecting the dots that result in the highest level of customer satisfaction and confidence.

An avid hunter and married father of two, Shay Luedeke matches the drive and determination of his coworkers pound for pound, and his greatest sense of achievement comes when eSigns delivers its products on time and as requested.

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