William Solomon

Sr. Director, Products & Special Projects

Equipped with both a deep seated love of mathematics and a history of retail successes, William Solomon is uniquely qualified to oversee those affairs of eSigns that relate to the company's extensive product line. This Texas-born graduate of NYU began his practical education in the world of consumer science during his service to retail giant Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie, first as an operations specialist and then as a key member of the launch team for their Rockefeller Center store.

When that store became the highest grossing retail center in the chain, William Solomon was at the helm, but his desire to return to his home state of Texas prompted inquiries in other industries.

Subsequent engagements in the real estate world connected him with the investment team focused on the acquisition of eSigns.com and in short order, William Solomon was once again putting numbers and people together for commercial success.

William Solomon conducts the eSigns symphony from the company's Houston headquarters and is confident in his belief that the world would run more smoothly if everyone had a Mac.

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