5 Locations to Consider When Choosing Your Banners and Signs

The right sign at the right location ensures your target audience sees your promotions. If displayed somewhere inaccessible, you've wasted money and have no chance of getting the investment back. But when you put up the sign in a high-traffic area or somewhere locals frequent, they're more likely to notice and remember your business. You'll eventually feel the display's impact as businesses report an average sales increase of 10% when they add, replace, or update a sign, according to the International Sign Association.

How do you choose the right location for your banner or sign? Here are five locations to consider and why:


1. Temporary Magnetic Lettering Outside Your Establishment

Do you regularly release short-term discounts or seasonal promotions? Do your business hours change during specific periods? Use magnetic signs to update these announcements. You can easily swap letters on magnetic surfaces like a sidewalk A-frame with a magnetic lens. Order a set of letters and numbers for fast and easy composing of different messages.

Lyman Products used magnetic letters on their permanent sign with steel plates on both sides. The company used the magnetic letters to announce job openings in their company. Once their recruitment period is over, Lyman Products can easily take down the magnets and put up new announcements.

2. Indoor and Outdoor High-Traffic Areas

A-frame signs aren’t limited to outdoor displays. They’re also great for indoor promotions, and you can definitely use them in both at the same time. Clothing store NTK set up A-frame signs in and outside their pop-up stores. Both displays effectively introduced the brand and showed where customers can shop.

A-frame signs also help direct foot traffic to your business. Customers who are passing through sidewalks looking for a restaurant to dine at or a store to shop in will notice your signs. A-frame signs provide enough space for images of your menu and the copy to highlight discounts or promos. People will immediately see and read why they should eat at or buy from your business, or even just to enter your store.

3. Long-Term Advertising Outdoors

Need long-term advertising around public areas in your community? Displaying banners in local areas introduces your business to residents and increases recall every time they see your sign. Vinyl banners last for months even when set up in outdoor spots like a fence, as seen in Koenig Distillery's display. The material is waterproof and weather-proof, protecting your design against the elements. No need to remove your banner in case there’s a storm or when winds are strong. Residents will still see the display looking good as new.

4. Mobile Promotions on Cars or Other Vehicles

Perfect for mobile promotions and businesses on the go, car magnets promote your brand on the business' official vehicle. You can also use them to update the messaging on your delivery truck. Car magnet displays aren't limited to food trucks or delivery vehicles either. They help reinforce your brand, as NewsForce 24/7 did with its custom car magnet sign. A broadcaster on official business represents NewsForce 24/7 whenever they drive around their community to cover important stories.

5. Outdoor Signages in Residential Areas

Need the immediate attention of locals from a specific area? Display yard signs along lawns or green areas, as the Franklin Park Civic Association did with its announcement. They placed reminders about their monthly meetings in areas where locals walk and bike. The yard signs across different locations ensure that more people stay informed.

Create a Quality Sign for the Right Location

Once you've decided on the best location for your sign, select the best display from an experienced provider like eSigns. Start creating the banner with eSigns' online design tool or edit templates to save time. Ordering from an expert like eSigns assures you of a quality display that the right audience will see and remember over time.