Chalkboard Signs

Choosing the Right Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard sidewalk A-frame signs offer small business owners a unique, quick, and easy way of presenting their marketing message. Coffee shops, restaurants, retail businesses, schools, and special events can all benefit from the ability to instantly present their clients with bright, vivid chalk drawings and messages on a freestanding chalkboard sidewalk sign. Chalkboard A-frames can be used both indoors using chalk or even outdoors with the use of chalkboard markers that won't wash off in the rain!

Our chalkboard signs are available in plastic and wood frames. Both materials are extremely durable and can last for years even with extensive outdoor use. The plastic frame is lightweight, comes with a built-in handle, and folds flat for easy storage. The wood frame gives a minimalist, artisanal look that’s perfect for quaint cafes and restaurants.

Chalkboard Sign Ideas for your Business

When you inject a little creativity, chalkboard signs can be an extremely versatile way of communicating the message you want to convey. Its use goes beyond writing the soup of the day on a daily basis.

Add humor – Make your customers look forward to punny messages every day. Witty one-liners and jokes can even become viral on social media to drive traffic to your store. ‘Sweet dreams are made of cheese’, ‘Soup of the Day: Whiskey’, and ‘It's Wine O’clock’ are some of the most common lines used.

Use it for events – Chalkboard signs aren’t just for retail. These are perfect for events, too! Wedding chalkboard signs are all the rage as it adds to a rustic theme, especially when adorned with flowers, garlands, or even fairy lights.

Spruce it up – In line with the previous bullet, adding adornments to your chalkboard signs give it a more festive feel. Adding lights makes it more visible during night and even creates a moody effect. You can also use DIY strings or decorations and bring them with you during farmer’s markets or pop-up sales events.

Other Products to Complement Chalkboard Signs

These A-frame signs are not limited to just chalk. These can be maximized to use with a wide range of accessories to boost your branding. Consider the following to complement your chalkboard signs:

Chalkboard Markers for Signs - Want the chalk effect without the mess? Use chalkboard markers to create your message.

Suction Cup Hooks - Get your customer’s attention with the chalkboard signs then drive the point home with a banner hung with suction cup hooks.

Clips for A-Frame Signs - Clips lets you add flyers, coupons, or vouchers on chalkboard signs to make it more interactive.