Giant Frames

These giant sidewalk signs allow any retail signicade advertisement to stand out twice as large! Our billboard sized a-frames allow for larger signboard panel loading just as easy as our traditional sized a-frames, but these over-sized frame signs provide an audience with twice the visual impression.

Curb sign sidewalk placed signage is one of the more popular advertising mediums used by restaurants and retailers, and because of these sidewalk signs being larger than your average sized a-frame, getting the attention of any target audience is ensured. Larger sidewalk displays provide for a more prominent visual advertising area, making these billboard sized signicades more popular for any retail business wanting to make a bolder impression with its audience. Extra large sandwich boards can also have an advertising advantage over competitors using traditional sized a-frame signage. By offering a bigger sign situated in an area where a competitor may be using the average sized signicade a retailer can gain an edge on competing for the attention of passing traffic. Another advantage of larger billboard framed signs is their visibility from a distance. Their increased advertising size has a definite advantage of being seen at an increased distance, giving these signs exposure even from passing motorists.

One might think these giant Sandwichboard signs are more difficult to transport and change-out the sign panels used for advertising. However, the loading of signboard ads and the mobility / transportation of these billboard signicades are not a factor, especially given their increased visual advantage because of their size.

These larger a-frames are manufactured using durable industrial grade plastics to ensure they remain light-weight for easy handling but can withstand their increased size without cracking or bending from use. Although they are bigger than a traditional sidewalk sign, they can be folded for easy storage and are not too cumbersome to handle.