Metal A-Frame Signs

Businesses looking for a way to advertise or communicate information while taking advantage of durable-yet-economic sign construction find our metal sidewalk A-Frame signs to be an excellent choice. The actual sign panels can be changed with ease, and the metal frames help keep your signs stable and secure. (Attachment and insert methods vary slightly, depending on the sign model you choose.)

Metal construction means that with proper care these signs can endure many years of outdoor use and still stand strong. For use in areas prone to stronger winds, some businesses and organizations opt for our Springer metal frames, which allow the sign panel to sway in the wind while the base stays put, decreasing the need to go outside and deal with toppled signs.

We also have signs with round, heavier metal bases that can withstand mild to moderate winds without being turned over. But if breezy, windy conditions are common, there's also our metal Wind-Spinner sign frame which is actually designed to spin in the wind, not only eliminating the problem of fallen signs but using the wind to draw additional attention to your advertising message.