Backdrop Stands

SilverStep Stand, 90" x 60" 1 Sided

SilverStep Stand, 90" x 60" 1 Sided

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Banner Stand Only


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Support Your Signs With Sturdy Backdrop Stands.

Backdrop Stands are a great display solution when you need a stand to hold a large format banner or when you really need a professional presentation to show off your company at any venue, media event, tradeshow, or convention.

SilverStep® Stand - Our top-of-the-line retractable banner stand. SilverStep® stands have a premium, polished chrome look that makes your brand’s banner stand out. It’s the perfect way to catch attention to your booth during conventions, car shows, and trade shows.

Jumbo Backdrop Stand - Always be ready for a photo-op. Jumbo backdrop stands fit banners as small as 36” x 48” up to 96” x 96”, giving you plenty of flexibility in reusing. These are usually used for step-and-repeat backgrounds. Perfect for event photo-booths or photo area backdrops.

Light Duty Jumbo Backdrop Stand - Give your event a luxurious feel even when you’re on a budget. Light-duty backdrop stands can fit banners between 36” x 48” and 90” x 90”. Ideal for events and gatherings that require a more affordable step and repeat background.

DIY vs. eSigns Backdrop Stands

Here at eSigns, we’re all about the DIY culture. The Banner Baron himself likes to dabble in DIY projects every now and then. This is fine for personal projects but for events and business opportunities where your name is on the line, you need the help of a professional.

Backdrop stands are a prime example of this. All it takes is a couple of PVC pipes and you’re all set. This is an amazing DIY solution for home or a small studio – use it for vlogs and small photo shoots. If you blow it up to banners 36” x 48” and larger, however, you will run into problems.

First of all, it doesn’t look very professional. If you’re trying to woo potential clients by inviting them to an event, you risk looking cheap and haphazard. Second, it would be troublesome to account for the wind when you’re having an outdoor gathering. Even if you add sand ballasts, it’ll look sloppy.

Opt for eSigns’ professionally made backdrop banners. Our stands are made of a combination of aluminum and plastic, ensuring a heavy-duty frame that you can use again and again. All three of our banner stands have a sleek, minimalist silhouette that airs professionalism no matter where you place it. It also easy to assemble and disassemble, and packs away neatly with a carry bag.

How to Install eSigns Backdrop Stands

Our backdrop stands can easily be set up in minutes. Hanging a banner on a jumbo or light-duty stand is quite easy, using a banner with top and bottom pole pockets. Our jumbo and light-duty stands may also be used with existing banners that have hems & grommets instead of pole pockets, using hinged snap rings, wire locking rings, S-hooks, or something similar from your local hardware or home supply store. Our SilverStep® backdrop stand is even easier to set up. Just put the support pole in place and raise the banner.

Many Uses of eSigns Backdrop Stands

Sturdy banner frames still have a lot of uses even if you aren’t using a vinyl banner. All you have to do is use your imagination. This is the perfect avenue for you to flex your DIY muscles. We’ve scoured the internet for interesting, even crazy ideas on how to use your backdrop stands!

Make it floral – Instead of hanging vinyl banners, why not use flowers instead? The sleek, uniform design of the backdrop stand with strategically placed flowers creates an impressive looking backdrop to frame newlyweds or a bride-to-be.

Hang a poster – If you have a backdrop stand, you can also use it to act as a poster stand. Just punch two holes near each edge at the top of the poster and hang it with a string or chain. The backdrop stand will act as a frame for your poster, making it the focal point of your intended audience.

Walk this way – Use backdrop banner stands as directional walkways. This is perfect for backyard events like engagement parties, or baby gender reveals. Tie thin, long pieces of cloth or crepe paper at the top of the frame to create a DIY walkway to show your guests where to go to.