Backdrop Banner Stands

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Backdrop Stands are a great display solution when you need a stand to hold a large format banner or when you really need a professional presentation to show off your company at any venue, media event, tradeshow, or convention. Our Jumbo and Light Duty Backdrop Stands are adjustable, and will fit a variety of banner sizes. Backdrop Stands are ideal for use with step-&-repeat and photo-op banners. Backdrop Stands can easily be set up in minutes. Hanging a banner on a Jumbo or Light Duty Stand is quite easy, using a banner with top and bottom pole pockets. Our Jumbo and Light Duty stands may also be used with existing banners that have hems & grommets instead of pole pockets, using hinged snap rings, wire locking rings, s-hooks, or something similar from your local hardware or home supply store. (Our SilverStep backdrop stand is even easier to set up, just put the support pole in place and raise the banner.) Backdrop stands from can help you display your large format presentations in style.