Mesh Banners, 1 & 2 Sided

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12 Ounce Single Sided Mesh Banner Vinyl

Generally, Mesh Banners are used for outdoor events such as festivals, celebrations, and concerts because they allow wind and sound to pass through the material. Another common use is for store front banners. Mesh Banner material permits some visibility through windows and also allows natural light into the store.

Mesh Banners are suitable for situations where a banner will be subjected to windy conditions. The material is webbed together creating a porous vinyl that is lightweight and permeable to air and sound. Because of the penetrable webbed vinyl construction, Mesh will counteract the "sail" effect preventing a banner from excessively billowing in the wind. Finishing of these banners feature heat welded hems on all four sides to promote durability and include nickel grommets in all four corners and, depending on the size, every 19" - 36" for easy hanging.

Printed Mesh Vinyl Specifications

Mesh Banners are custom printed at 600dpi on our single-sided 8 oz. or 12 oz. mesh vinyl material, and now introducing double-sided printing on our 12 oz. mesh vinyl substrate with block-out layer. UV Inks are used on all mesh signage to provide bright vivid colors for increased visibility. If you are looking for large format banners to hide scaffolding on a construction job, or expect to subject your banner to windy conditions, Mesh Banners are the preferred choice.

Mesh vs. Vinyl

Solid Vinyl vs Mesh Vinyl Banner Comparison

The choice between a mesh banner and a vinyl banner has more to do with its usage than with its message, but as you can see from these photos, your selection of artwork for a mesh banner is an important factor. Mesh banners are designed primarily for outdoor use and are specifically constructed to move with the wind. The "holes" that allow the wind to blow through the sign also affect how the image appears. Artwork, logos, and photos will appear clearer and crisper on a vinyl banner than on a mesh banner, although some art and images can still be utilized on mesh surfaces with satisfactory results. For optimum impact, use simple art and fonts on mesh banners and expect the colors to be somewhat "softer" or muted. Bolder colors will and more intricate artwork and logos will present better on a vinyl banner. Save with our eSigns discounts!

Featured Mesh Designs

Mesh vinyl is almost always used for banners outdoors due to their wind resistant qualities. With outdoor use in mind, eSigns has put together this unique collection of pre-designed sign themes that cater to the types of banners mesh vinyl would be used for.

Pick any of our outdoor themes and customize them online in real time using our easy to use customization tools!

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