Outdoor Banner Frames

Outdoor Framed Free Standing Vinyl Banners

Please Note: All Banner Frames use custom-sized banners, as noted in their descriptions.

Outdoor Banner Frames are a free-standing, easy to use installation solution for many advertising needs. They can be installed (or removed) in less than 15 minutes. Extremely lightweight and very simple to install, making it easy for anyone to use them. Use two together to create a corner-shaped frame that can be seen in traffic from all directions. You can purchase new banners for the frame and get multiple uses out of it. The banner attaches to the frame easily with zip ties. It will leave a lasting first impression on your clients and customers.

These Banner Frames are ideal for the commercial realtor to get a sign in place as soon as the property goes on the market. Don't wait for the installation company when you can install one of these frames yourself.

They're great for construction sites too. Keep one of these in the foreman's truck and not only are you on the job quicker, you can take it down when you're done and take it with you. Put your logo, contact info and a work site warning and you could use it again and again. Use it to advertise the name and funding of a project, the architect's information, or space for lease while the building is still in progress.

These are also great for non-profits like churches or schools. Use them to advertise your events like the big game, the choir performance, the school play, a clothing drive, or even special services. They are ideal for use at a satellite campus, a new church plant, or on-site location learning.

Installation of this frame is a breeze. The frame itself assembles with just four bolts and the included Allen wrench. You drive the two enclosed studs into the ground with a hammer (they only need to go in about 12 inches) and slide the frame on top. Made of a rugged structural fiberglass these frames can last for years without damage or wear. They collapse down into a box that is six inches thick.

Please Note: All Banner Frames use custom-sized banners, as noted in their descriptions.