Custom Window Clings

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Our Window Clings are Printed on Non Adhesive, No Residue, Custom Static Window Film for easy installation on any store-front window, glass surface, or on vehicle windows.

With their non permanent adhesive static cling qualities, our clings can be easily removed, put away in a safe place, and re-used again at a later date. Its the statically charged film substrate we use that allows your printed graphic to remain adhered to any window or glass surface with the capabilities of being easily removed and re-used over and over again.

Popular Window Cling Advertising Examples

Because our clings can be temporarily stuck on any window surface and then easily removed and used again, static cling signage is quite often used for seasonal store-front print ads, temporary window front retail sale promotions, vehicle windshield advertising for new and used car and truck dealerships, and for percent off sale signs that retailers will often use throughout the year to increase traffic.

We all have seen retailers that possess large store-front window spaces use this valuable space for a repeated assortment of recurring and seasonal advertising purposes. With the invention of re-usable window static clings, a retailer can now easily remove, store and use again, the same window sign on multiple occasions. In fact, before the invention of statically charged cling signage, the advertiser would have to scrape off the old window signs just to put up new sign promotions.

Automotive dealers that sell used and new cars will also place printed clings on truck and car windshields parked in their lot to advertise financing specials, reduced pricing promotions, the year, make and model of the vehicle, and even special monthly down payment offers. These clings are so popular among car and truck dealers for advertising because they can be easily removed from cars that sell from the lot and re-used on new inventory as it comes in.

Default and Custom Cling Printing Methods

Our standard printing method is to reverse print the graphic message so that the cling can be installed from the interior side of a window or glass surface to ensure the print can be properly viewed through the glass from the outside looking in.

However, if you need a window cling printed for installation on the outside of the window or custom printed in any way, please contact our sales department at or call us toll free at 800-494-5850 and we will be happy to print your statically charged cling in the manner that best suits your application.

Print Specifications and Facts

  • Your Custom Design Combined with Our Quality Printing

    • Clings are Printed On Gloss Finished 7 Mil PVC Statically Charged Film.
    • When installing your cling make sure your Window is clean and close to room temperature. Large decals can be applied by wetting and then rolling or squeegeeing your print to smooth it on the surface. Smaller decals can be applied dry.
  • Quality Inks Constructed to Last

    • Printed with True 720 dpi Full Color, 10-color CMYK printing process including White that creates rich color saturation and crisp graphics. Colors Include Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, black, Red, Orange, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black and White.
    • The dot size used in the printing of our clings are much smaller producing an exceptional high resolution graphics detail.
Window Cling
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