Sandwich Boards

Customized Sandwich Boards for High Impact Advertising

A-Frame sandwich board signs provide exceptional two-way indoor and outdoor advertising for any business near heavy foot traffic. From a store situated beside a busy sidewalk or in a high-traffic shopping mall, these two-panel fold-out signs are the preferred signage when advertising to crowds on foot.

With the popularity of using signboards, eSigns has made it easier than ever to create custom sign panels. Print your artwork of choice on any number of the different sandwich board models and color varieties we sell. We offer a huge variety of free-standing sandwich board signage that can be left as unattended advertising at the front of any store, or choose from our wearable sandwich boards for those advertisers wanting to make an impact throughout local city streets in the form of walking billboards.

Our popular Signicade A-frames are made of extremely durable high-density molded plastic. Even when used outdoors extensively, it withstands scratches, scuffs, and bumps. The A-frame itself weighs around 18 lbs., adding strength against being knocked around. In windy conditions, you can add sand to its internal ballast to provide wind resistance. Signicade A-frames take 36” x 24” coroplast sign panels. You can quickly change signs in seconds by using the hook-&-loop fasteners for the regular Signicade A-frames, and the Quick-Change feature for deluxe frames. These signs are weatherproof and can last for years with proper maintenance.

Order Your Custom Sandwich Board in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Choose the size you need for the space you have in mind.
  2. Upload your artwork or use our online design tool to customize your sandwich board.
  3. Once the design is uploaded and done, you will be redirected to your cart. Here, you can set your order quantity and see your order's estimated total price.

Ordering more than one sandwich board? eSigns offers Quantity Discounts! The more you order, the more you save. You can view the different discounts, as well as the turnaround time for your order below the design upload button.

Design Ideas for Sidewalk Signs

Sandwich boards give you a lot of space to work with to create an engaging and visually arresting signage. There are numerous approaches you can take for sandwich signs that deliver your message effectively. Consider the following design ideas for your next sandwich board:

  • Minimalism – Provide visual contrast for your sandwich board by going the minimal route. Having a pared down design lets the audience focus on the essential–your message. This approach works best for furniture, clothing, and boutique cosmetics.
  • Vintage and artisanal – Make your signage aligned with your branding. For vintage and curio shops, barbershops, and whiskey bars, a more intricately designed sign might be needed to better reflect your brand message.
  • Witty and quirky copy – Go viral with a rib-tickling message. A lot of restaurants, pubs, and bars have found success by using humor to their advantage. Insert jokes and puns in your signage copy to connect with your customers in a unique way that makes your brand message and personality unforgettable.

To make the design process easier, you can use one of our free design templates. eSigns offers thousands of free templates you can use for your sandwich boards. Choose one of our pre-made designs and customize it with your own logo and brand information. Check out some of the most popular designs and industries we have below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your sandwich boards durable?

Yes, they are. Our sandwich boards use corrugated plastic material while our Signicade A-frames are made of durable molded plastic. With the proper care and maintenance, both products can last for years.

Can I switch the sign panels of the sandwich boards?

Yes, you can order replacement sign panels. You can use the same design or create a new one. Make sure to choose the same sign panel size (24” x 36”).

Are sandwich boards portable?

Yes, they are. The Signicade A-frames are foldable and come with a built-in handle for easy transport. The corrugated plastic sandwich boards are flat and lightweight, easy to stow away in cars and public transport.