Banner Stands

Banner Stands for Professional Displays

Make Your Business Stand Out Wherever You Are

Be it a trade show or convention, the most difficult part is standing out amidst a large number of businesses that probably even offer the same products or services that you do. Banner stands are great for this exact purpose as they can grab the attention of your potential customers and highlight your brand in a professional way. Aside from events and conferences, this marketing tool can also be used inside of your store or outside of an establishment to advertise your goods. Banner stands take up little space and are easy to set up, making them ideal for seasonal and even daily promotions.

You can customize your banner stands in so many ways. Choose the material and size depending on the application of your banner stands—print them on large-size formats for better visibility or use waterproof materials if you are promoting outdoors. You can upload your own artwork or use our online design tool to create your banner design from scratch. Custom banner stands are also cost-effective. They may look premium, but these marketing tools are not as pricey as you may think. You can even set them up on your own, saving you from any installation charges.

Whether you purchase your banners at the same time you buy your banner stand, or you wish to use your new displays for the vinyl banners you already own, helps you buy affordably and efficiently. Save with our eSigns discount codes!

Tips for Designing Banner Stands

Banner stands are designed to be tall so they can easily stand out. But that advantage won’t mean much if you are not able to add an effective banner design to your custom banner stands. So, to make sure that you can maximize the attention-grabbing qualities of your banners, here are some useful tips when it comes to creating custom banner designs:

Place Important Details at the Top

You want the most important part of your banner stands—contact details, promo that you offer, etc.—to be easily seen by people. That’s why you need to place it somewhere at the top of your banner design. Doing this will also help you grab the attention of your customers. If you put crucial details at the bottom of your banner stands, people are likely to miss them.

Make the Text Clear and Readable

You have to get your message across to your target audience. So, while it may be tempting to use fancy fonts that can make your design distinctive, it’s better for your banner to be more effective in communicating. It’s also a good idea to make your main copy bigger and readable even from a distance so your potential customers can effortlessly digest the information.

Identify Your Goal for Your Banner

Before creating your banner design, it’s important to consider its primary objective. Do you want to attract potential customers by offering a promo or to advertise a new product or service? Identifying your goal first will also make it easier for you to come up with the right call to action. Most of the time, it’s not advisable to have multiple goals or call-to-actions in one banner as it may confuse your target audience. It’s vital that your potential customers will know what you want them to do next after scanning your banner.

Use High-Quality Images

As a business, it’s a must that your banner stands look professional. Using low-resolution or poor-quality images won’t help you achieve that. If you want to project to your potential customers that your business is competent and experienced, then start by making sure that your banner design has high-quality graphic elements.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Banner Design

Banner stands offer a lot of space where you can put so much information. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to fill every inch of your banner with text, images and other design elements. Refrain from overcrowding your banner design. Your design should have a focal point that can draw the attention of your audience. It will be difficult to achieve this if there are too many things happening in your banner.

Choose the Right Color

Using lively and vibrant colors is always an effective strategy since they are pleasing to the eyes and they can catch the attention of your customers. However, you need to consider if these colors are the right ones for your brand. Maybe a more subdued color palette works better with your products or services. If you use colors that complement your brand, they can also make a lasting impression on your target customers.

Large Outdoor Banners

When you need freestanding banner frames for your commercial real estate, land, property, or church advertising needs, we have large outdoor commercial sign frames that install into the ground and support banners from 3'x6' to 4'x10' in size, making them a viable alternative to plywood signs.

Replacement Banners and Accessories