Double Sided 12oz Mesh Banners

Double Sided 12oz Mesh Banners

Outdoor double sided mesh banners are a break through in banner printing technology. Made from our 90/10 12 ounce mesh vinyl that includes a 2,520 x 2,520 durable denier reinforcement for added strength along with a partial block-out layer, it is now possible to print 2 sided mesh banners.

Double Sided Mesh Banner Applications

Since eSigns is now able to offer double sided printing on mesh vinyl, outdoor displays using mesh for withstanding the elements can now be used as a stand alone two sided visual display. This is perfect for free standing outdoor displays where each side of the banner is exposed to the public's view. For example many outdoor entertainment venues such as concerts and outdoor theater events will be situated in the middle of a public park, along side a river bank, or near the ocean. With spectators on each side of the venue, using our double sided mesh banner print capabilities, providing a visual presentation to the audience on each side of the venue is now possible.

Mesh Banner Double Sided Print Specifications

Two Sided Mesh Banners are printed at 600 dpi on both sides of the banner using quality UV inks to provide bright vivid colors for increased visibility. The 90/10 visual vs airflow ratio will also help ensure any 2 sided message you print will maintain its graphical clarity and high resolution legibility. Although we suggest using larger graphics and simpler messages in any effective outdoor banner display, this 12 oz. mesh material is more forgiving on printed signage than the lesser rated mesh sign material used in the printing of double sided outdoor signage.

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