Dry-Erase Frames

Dry-Erase Sidewalk A-Frame Signs are a great freestanding sign solution for any business that needs frequent changes to their marketing message and is needing to do so on a budget. Schools, churches, and restaurants are just a few businesses that can benefit from a write-on, wash-off style of sign.

Changing your message or product information is quick and easy with a dry erase sign. Simply wipe off the old message and write your new message using any dry erase marker on the sign panel! It truly is that easy. Schedules, prices, specials, or any other information that needs to be updated often can be changed instantly with a dry erase a-frame sign.

Dry erase a-frame signs are constructed of high quality, outdoor durable materials. They are also lightweight, making them very easy to move and they feature a large footprint for stability. This makes them a great advertising solution for any business that needs a freestanding sign solution offering them the ability to regularly change their message.

Each Dry-Erase Frame includes a set of Dry-Erase Markers, and additional Marker Sets are available.