8oz Economy Mesh Banners

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8oz Mesh Banners

8oz mesh vinyl banners are custom printed on one side at a 600 dpi graphical resolution using UV Inks to provide bright vivid colors that last up to 5 years outdoors. eSigns uses 70/30 8 ounce mesh vinyl for its economically priced mesh banners. 70% of the banner is used for the surface print area, while 30% is made up of interwoven tiny holes. The porous tiny holes weaved into the 8 ounce vinyl material allows wind to easily pass through the banner helping to prevent the sign from tearing.

Seamless Mesh Banner Size Specifications

eSigns is able to print a single sided message in seamless 15 foot widths to ensure a larger than normal outdoor banner would not need to be weakened by stitching multiple smaller sections together. Oversized stadium banners, fence screens, and stage backdrops will often be the outdoor sign of choice using our 8 ounce mesh vinyl material.

Mesh Banner Graphic Recommendations

The 70/30 airflow ratio of our 8 ounce mesh can have a slight impact on the visual clarity of your message, so we suggest avoiding using smaller text and tiny detailed graphics in the printed artwork used for making 8 oz mesh banners. As long as intricate detailed graphics and small hard to read text is not used in the making of your banners, the 8oz mesh vinyl should be well suited for most outdoor banner displays. The slight visual trade-off due to the tiny holes of the 8 ounce mesh vinyl is well worth the additional resistance and strength received.

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