Flat-Base Frames

Flat-Base Sidewalk Signs are a great solution for businesses that need a free standing sign that looks great while taking up a minimum amount of floor space. They work very well in areas where space is at a premium, yet call for professional looking signs.

Flat-Based signs are very portable and can be moved with relative ease. Their small footprint allows them to be placed within inches of a wall to provide maximum room for people to walk past them without tripping over them, and their high-stability makes these Flat Base signs extremely difficult to knock over. This ability to be moved around easily, combined with great looks, function and stability makes them a popular choice for businesses, stores, schools, churches, and many other users.

All of our Flat-based sign display products feature either rugged metal or plastic construction for maximum durability and functionality. Certain models are available with bases that can be filled with sand or water as ballast, to provide additional support and stability should the signs be placed in a high traffic or extremely windy area.