Wind-Resistant Frames

Windsign, 36" x 24"

36" x 24"

$225.63 Printed
Frame Only
Wheeled Snap In, 36" x 24"

Wheeled Snap In
36" x 24"

$425.7 Printed
Frame Only

Businesses, churches, schools, and other organizations that find themselves in a constant struggle with the wind while trying to keep their signs upright turn to our wind-resistant, flexible signs. While maintaining the ability to change the advertising message by means of simply changing the actual sign panel, these sign products bring to the table the ability to sway with the wind instead of being turned over by it.

The flexible, swaying feature of these signs actually adds an additional benefit: a sign in motion is even more likely to capture someone's attention. The rocking motion in a brisk breeze or the wind will grab attention at times when other signs might be overlooked, or worse ... overturned. At eSigns we also offer a model which will actually spin in the breeze or wind.

Regardless of which style of sign you choose, you'll have a rugged sidewalk sign that will stand up to windy conditions while being easy to keep up to date with quick change sign panels.