Photo Backdrops

High-quality vinyl photo backdrops customized to your exact requirements.
custom photo backdrops

Bring the Party to Life With Photo Backdrops

Don’t settle for drab. Custom photo backdrops give shoots and events an air of elegance and professionalism. Whether you’re doing a photo shoot for the school yearbook, in a studio, or even on the red carpet, having custom backdrops lets your images shine. Photo backdrops eliminate potentially distracting background elements, provide a sense of place, and even let you unobtrusively advertise your brand logo.

eSigns uses high-quality, long-lasting 13 oz. matte vinyl for photo backdrops. The matte surface minimizes glare from camera flash and harsh lighting. Durable for both indoor and outdoor use, the vinyl material is weatherproof. It is also water-resistant and able to withstand UV exposure.


Step and Repeat Banners Backdrops


Installation Instructions for Photo Backdrops

Whether you’re shooting solo portrait photos of students or capturing the whole graduating class, you’ll need to ensure your photo backdrop is properly installed to give a uniform look across all of your photos. You can achieve this by utilizing the right backdrop size for your photo requirements.

For solo portraits at school or even in small private studios, you can hang a small 3’ x 5’ DIY backdrop at the back using rope, bungee cords, or zip ties. This gives you the flexibility to work in small, confined spaces with ease. Should the need arise, the backdrop is also easy to change.

For group photoshoots, you’ll need a backdrop stand. Some assembly is necessary, but it is fairly straightforward. We recommend assembling the backdrop stand with at least two people.

  • Remove the contents of the carry case. Choose an area with an even surface to place your photo backdrop.
  • Put together the vertical side poles and affix them to their respective bases with a screw. If you are assembling the stand by yourself, you can lay the poles flat on the ground for the meantime. Otherwise, you can put it up on the base.
  • Assemble both horizontal support poles.
  • Unroll the photo backdrop banner.
  • Insert the horizontal support pole in the pole pocket at the bottom of the backdrop.
  • Insert the horizontal support pole in the pole pocket at the top of the backdrop. Attach the top support pole to the side poles using the supplied screws.
  • Stretch the backdrop and attach the bottom support pole to the side poles using the supplied screws.

Size Guide and Design Tips

Custom printed photo backdrops are one of the most versatile tools that a photographer should have ready at hand. You can print backgrounds in different sizes and designs. The backdrops can be hung or seamless, depending on your needs. When not in use, they can be rolled and stored away easily. When printing your own custom photo backdrops, here’s a short guide on what sizes to consider:

3’ x 5’ – Babies, toddlers, and closely cropped headshots

5’ x 7’ – Perfect for full-body solo shots

8’ x 8’ – Group shots of up to three people

10’ x 10’ – Group shots of up to five people

10’ x 20’ – Step and repeat backgrounds for a large group of people