eSigns has FREE COVID-19 print ready files and customizeable COVID-19 templates to help facilitate social distancing, announce COVID-19 testing locations, notify customers of store closings, and help restaurants inform customers their carry out and curbside ordering services remain open.

Download These Free COVID-19 Signs

Downlaod our free Print Ready Social Distancing Signs to help communicate the importance that keeping a six foot distance between each other while shopping or when in the presence of people in a confined area can play a major factor in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 during the Coronavirus Pandemic we are all facing.

How Can I Use My Free Social Distancing Sign Templates?


eSigns has prepared FREE COVID-19 Sign Templates that can be easily customized using our sign design tool and then applied to any of the sign products we sell. Choose any of the templates below and feel free to customize these designs using our online sign customization tools and have us print the COVID-19 Signs you need.


All essential COVID-19 businesses are printing social distancing floor graphics to help communicate the six foot space need to help distance shoppers from each other while in checkout isles. These helpful floor graphics are pre-designed and ready to go, but feel free to add your own brand or store colors using our online custom sign design tools.

COVID-19 Social Distance Closed Signs

If you are a non-essential business and have temporarily closed due to social distancing practices, these custom COVID-19 We are Closed signs are pre-designed signs that can be easily custimized using our online sign design tools.

COVID-19 Testing Center Signs

Use these COVID-19 Testing Center Signs to inform the community of your location and to post directional and identification requirements in order for the public to test for the Coronavirus.

The eSigns design tool will continuously store the banner designs you are working on in your account prior to printing and after you have ordered. We will keep your custom design in our system unless you delete it. You can alter your designs for future events and any new signs or banners you may want to create.

The Social Distancing templates we have made are absolutely free to use any way you want. You may download the print ready file and simply print these free designs on your own printer, or you can upload any of these free COVID-19 Social Distancing Templates to any of the sign products we sell.

When we say these COVID-19 sign templates are free, We want you to know that these files can be anonymously accessed and downloaded without even the obligation of providing to us your email address. Choose any of the downloads below to retrieve your print ready PDF file. Once you have downloaded the file, you may use the file in any manner you need. If you would like eSigns to print the sign of your choice for you, feel free to view the sign or banner product you would like to buy and simply re-upload the file when checking out for the signs you intend to purchase.

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