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In business, it is a known fact that 30% of your customers are the primary contributors to your overall profit potential while 20% of your customers were brought in by costly advertising strategies that a business engages in. Since the later 20% had an advertising cost associated to the revenues your business takes in, keeping your advertising effective and under budget can mean the difference between profiting from these customers or not. Since it is statistically proven that one third of your business can be achieved by advertising with direct signage. By employing low cost banners printed by eSigns, a business is able to take advantage of direct, impulse driven promotional branding with a very low CPV (Cost Per View) & High ROI (Return On Investment) ratio.

For strategies and terms relating to advertising with vinyl banners, our helpful Q & A will help educate and inform you about employing vinyl banners in your overall advertising strategies.

Effective Vinyl Banner Advertising

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Designing Options and Recommendations

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Terminology, Effectiveness and Strategies

  • Are Banners an Effective Way To Advertise??

    Full color banners are fantastic for drawing in the attention of readers. Visually appealing, proper designed banners engage the curiosity of the reader and then provide a solution that satisfied their curious nature. Images should portray some type of action, and lead the reader through the display of large colorful fonts for a consolidated message that gets your point across in the simplest form possible. Alluring imagery, contrasting backgrounds, printed with high resolution on glossy vinyl material helps distinguish your ad from the competing scenery and ensures your signs will stand out for your audience. Statistically, using vinyl banners to advertise will increase your business by 30% and your CPV (Cost Per View) is lower than any other form advertising, and justifying the minimal investment required for banner advertising should be a very easy decision for any business.

  • How Can I Make Sure My Banners Attract Business?

    The two largest contributing factors to any successful vinyl banner is readability and viewership potential. If your banner cannot be effectively viewed from a distance, and not properly read by people who see your sign, your message is silenced and your effectiveness is diminished greatly. When strategically placing your banners in a location, consider the obstacles that exist in the area near where your banner will be placed. Consider the overall color scheme of the landscape and design your banner with contrasting colors to ensure your banner stands out. Make your fonts large enough to be read by those at a distance who are still in view of your banner and keep your message as simple as possible ensuring your readers the minimal time required to process and interpret your promotion.

  • When Should I use a Larger Banner For Advertising?

    If you are thinking about using a large vinyl banner for your advertising needs, eSigns can print vinyl banners as large as 50 feet in length by 10 feet in height. For banners that are large, making sure you have the area to properly hang your banner is critical. If you own a building, have permission to hang your ad over a public or private street, or could utilize a large fence for installation, this can be an optimal situation for printing large format banners. Elements to consider when printing large banners include: weather conditions and potential wind gusts. For areas that have less than desired weather, considering our mesh vinyl could help eliminate potential risk and damage.

  • Is it appropriate to print small banners and how could these help my business?

    If you are attending a trade show and have rented a booth, or if you have an excellent flow of nearby foot traffic you could expose your ads to, printing small banners can be a very effective way to engage your audience. With the same full color printing capabilities and design options at your fingertips, printing alluring colorful banners to engage foot traffic can be a very effective addition to your branding, and product education strategies. eSigns can print banners as small as 2 feet by 2 feet, giving you any size configurations with the same full color printing capabilities we offer in all of our print jobs.

  • When Should I use a Double Sided Banner?

    Double Sided vinyl banners are important when both sides of your banner is exposed to your viewer audience. For example: if you are planning on draping your banner from a ceiling, hanging it in a window or using one of our stands for display, double sided banners can engage your audience from either side regardless of the viewpoint.

  • Can Double Sided Banners Have A Different Message Printed on Each Side?

    eSigns is capable of printing separate ads on each side of the double sided banners we sell, giving you two messages to entice readers depending on which side of the banner they are reading from. These are great for store-front window banners. Attract attention to outside traffic with an offer that best suits readers not in your store, while enticing people inside your establishment with a different promotion.

  • What are Stand-Alone Commercial Banners?

    These are banner ads that can be easily fit into our durable outside, stand-alone commercial sign frames. As an effective, low cost alternative to plywood signs, these banners can be installed into sturdy outdoor frames in minutes and provide your business with the same professional display as plywood at fraction of the cost. Best of all, you will be able to easily change your add by simply designing a new banner anytime you need. Sizes range from 3x6 to 4x10 frames for an excellent outdoor stand-alone display.

  • Are Indoor Banners effective, and what are ways to make my indoor banners stand out?

    Indoor banners are great for any business that has a showroom or retail displays where customers gather. Effective display solutions include installing your banners in stands or along the wall in pole brackets. The stands we sell are fully retractable and adjust to the size of your banners. These stand-alone displays are perfect for large showroom areas and can help feature new cars on the showroom floor, feature your buy the room offers at a furniture store, or provide an effective way to help place added focus on retail displays. Indoor Pole banners are great for coffee shops, restaurants and more where your wall space can be optimized with promotions you may want to display to customers.

  • Can Vinyl Banners Be Used To Add Decor To My Business?

    eSigns customization tools enable you to upload photo ready artwork, full color graphics and create literally any design you can imagine. Many of our customers will use our vinyl banners to add decor to their walls. Even wall murals are easily achieved to decorate restaurants, beauty salons and more using our large format banners and design tools.

  • Are Vinyl Banners A Good Way To Announce A Party or Event?

    Vinyl banners printed with photos and graphics to celebrate any event is a great way to announce any party, congratulate a family member or welcome a loved one home from the service or from school. Banners are fun and they will help you show your appreciation and love for those special friends and family members in your life.

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Quality Materials, Printing Questions, Rapid Delivery & Installation

  • Are Tarpaulin Banners the Same As Vinyl Banners?

    Recently the term Tarpaulin Banners has been used to describe vinyl banners, and as a result of the new name being used in the market-place, there has been some confusion as to whether a tarpaulin banner is somehow different than a vinyl banner. This is simply a new term to identify the traditional vinyl banner that we have been selling for years.

  • Will My Vinyl Banners Be Made of Durable Material That Will Last?

    eSigns uses quality vinyl for all of the banners we print. Our non-porous outdoor vinyl banners are printed on 13 oz. vinyl material. This is the perfect choice for added durability and flexibility needed for outdoor use. Our window banners are printed on 12 oz. super smooth block-out vinyl in a matte finish and are perfect for double sided printing and the draping effect needed for window displays. Our table banners use 12 oz. smooth block-out vinyl and will not curl to ensure they display professionally on any table front space. Our outdoor mesh banners uses 8 oz. mesh vinyl, which is porous in nature to help resist heavy wind gusts. These light weight banners are perfect for building displays and will not block out the sun. As you can see, eSigns uses different material that is best suited for the type of banner you may need, ensuring your banners are made of the material that best fits the intended application you have in mind.

  • Can My Banners Be Printed In Full Color?

    eSigns is capable of printing photo ready full color banners in a high resolution matte finish that is perfect for sunny conditions outdoors and artificial lighting indoors. Your graphics, photographs, and message will not glare because of the finish we use, and eSigns takes every precaution to ensure your message is as clean and clear as possible.

  • Will My Vinyl Banners Fade In The Sunlight?

    eSigns uses Ultraviolet (UV) Cured Ink which can minimize the fading of text, art and images printed on your vinyl banners during normal conditions and use. Continual, long term exposure to excessive sunlight in outdoor conditions may result in some eventual loss of color and clarity. Industry-leading printing techniques, combined with superior materials and quality control, make eSigns the preferred printer for banners and signs on the Internet.

  • Are the Banners Easy to Install?

    Our typical outdoor banners include the necessary hems and grommets to ensure you can easily install them using rope, bungee cords, and plastic ties making installation easy and painless. For our specialty table and window banners, eSigns also sells hook and loop fasteners and suction cups for easy installation of window banners and table banners.

  • What are Grommets?

    At eSigns all banners comes with Nickel Grommets on every corner as well as every 2-3 feet on top and on the bottom. We punch grommets over reinforced hemmed edges for added sign strength and durability.

  • Will Banner Hems Help Protect My Banners?

    Quality Vinyl Banners require hemming to reinforce the edges of the banner. Hems provide the additional strength to your vinyl banner sign at critical points - around the edges and on every corner there grommets are set. It is twice as hard to pull apart hemmed banner as a simple cutout sign without any hems. All banners made at eSigns include hems on all 4 sides.

  • How Fast Will eSigns Print My Banners?

    For Typical volume orders, eSigns will print your banners within 24 hours of receiving your final design draft. However, if your order is for an exceptionally large volume, it could take us two days to complete your quantity.

  • Once Printed How Fast Will eSigns Ship My Banners?

    eSigns will ship your order within 24 hours of the printing process. For normal orders, our shipping method is to ship by ground. However, we do have expedited shipping options where we can ship next day for an additional charge.

  • Can I re-order banners with the same designs?

    Yes, eSigns will store your past designs in our system under your account to ensure you will be able to re-order your banners, even if you need to alter your past design using our banner tools.

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Designing Options and Recommendations

  • Does eSigns Provide Easy To Use Tools To Create My Banners From Scratch?

    Yes! Our state of the art design system provides you with all of the tools you will need to add artwork from our library of clip art and images, upload graphics and images from your computer to our system, change color schemes to the choice of colors you prefer, add any custom messages to your vinyl banners, and change font styles to fit the type of sign you need to create.

  • Does eSigns provide me with Free Banner Designs & Customization Options?

    eSigns has 1000's of free sign designs that you can easily customize using our banner design tools and then apply your creations to any of the vinyl banners we sell. In other words, you could use our free sign templates to give you some great ideas, and then customize any of them to fit the exact choice of signage for your next advertising campaign you have in mind.

  • What is the proper way to clean my banners?

    Our full-color printed banners are easy to care for. eSigns recommends using water or a mild detergent if needed to wipe down your vinyl banner. Don't use strong detergents or other cleaners, as they can damage the print. Use a soft cloth and avoid abrasive cleaning pads. Vinyl banners should be cleansed with very un-abrasive methods. It is preferable not to use any types of soap or any other solvents when cleaning your vinyl banners. We strongly suggest to wipe down your banner with a damp cloth,( water only) ensuring not to use abrasive cloths or towels when doing so.

  • Can I upload a banner layout I Have Already Made or Had My Graphics Department Make?

    Yes, using our file upload system, any pre made banner design you created or had a graphics professional create for you can be easily uploaded at the time you place your order.

  • Do I have to be a Graphics Expert To Use The eSigns Design Studio?

    Graphics skills are not required to make professionally looking signs using the design tools we provide. Our designing software can be accessed in real time from any of the existing templates we have created, or you can start from scratch at just about any juncture from within our site. Once you are in our designing section, creating a new banner layout or altering an existing banner template from our huge library of is simple. Our expert designers made our tools so easy to use any novice can easily create professional looking banners in minutes.

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