Picking the Right Sign

When choosing the proper sign for any business application, personal situation or event announcement, we should start our help by clarifying the different types of sign printing materials there are including the application of how varieties of sign hardware can play a vital role in the final finished display.

All signage materials, also known as substrates in the printing industry, will fall into either the flexible or rigid signage category.

Flexible Signs

Flexible signage consist of signs that can easily bend or flex and are optimally made from a variety of vinyl substrates. The reason for using vinyl in the construction of a flexible sign is due to the tremendous durability vinyl provides making this sign product perfect for both indoor and outdoor signage applications.

vinyl banners

Flexible Vinyl Banners

eSigns is proud to offer one of the largest varieties of flexible signs in the sign printing industry starting with our most popular flexible product, our vinyl banners.

There are definite differences in the vinyl materials and the finishing options we use when printing the variety of banners eSigns offers. To better communicate the variety of materials and associated finishing of each of the banner types, eSigns has provided the below resourced to help better educate our customers in order to make a more informed decision on selecting the right banner.

Standard 13oz Vinyl Banners - Our most popular seller! By far our most popular and durable yet versatile vinyl banner we sell. They are digitally printed using full color process CMYK UV Ink at 600dpi on 13oz weighted 500x500 Denier strength PVC. The reason we prefer this material for use in our most versatile banner we sell is a result of years of banner printing experience.

Using a 13 ounce weighted vinyl substrate with denier strength of 500x500 is our most popular seller, because this banner is the most economical selection a printer can offer with just the right amount of strength combined with ease of handling and a tremendous flexibility for both indoor or outdoor displays.

Comparing Our Other Banners - If our most popular banner do not meet the exact needs for the banner you may be looking for, eSigns has created a comprehensive banner comparison tool to better articulate each variety of the vinyl banners we sell. Feel free to compare all the vinyl banners we offer, so a more informative decision can be made when choosing the banner right for any intended use.

magnetic signs

Flexible Magnetic Signs

These signs magnetically adhere to any ferrous metal surface just like any traditional magnet. They are popular among business professionals that are often traveling on the road. Due to their flexibility combined with their magnetic adhesion qualities, these signs can be easily attached to the side of metal doors on vehicles and used to advertise to passing traffic while traveling on the road. Their ease of installing and removal make them the perfect temporary sign solution for any mobile advertising solution. eSigns uses 30 mil flexible magnetic vinyl substrate to make its sign magnets, and sizes can range from 3" x 8" magnetic bumpers stickers to large magnetic 24" X 48" signs.

adhesive Signs

Flexible Adhesive Signs

Choose from our wide variety of adhesive backed flexible vinyl to purchase custom decals contour cut to any shape and size you need! From permanent adhesive vinyl to temporary stick-on static clings, our durable custom shaped decals are perfect for both business and personal use.

banner stands & replacement banners

Banner Stand Kits &
No Curl Replacement Banners

Printing vertical banners on 13 oz. Non Curling Vinyl Banner Material included in the banner stand kits we sell, or purchased as a replacement banner for an existing banner stand already purchased, these non curl banners installed in any of the banner stands we sell is an excellent display solution for businesses needed stand alone banners for their advertising needs.

eSigns offers a wide variety of retractable pop-up stands and non retracting banner stands along with the printed banner already included as a kit in order to have your display functional and advertising your business message the day it arrives.


Rigid Signs

Rigid substrate signs are non flexing signs printed on a variety of rigid substrates including Coroplast, PVC Foam Board Plastic, Aluminum sign boards, and ePanel Aluminum Composite. These durable full color signs are ideal for economically exposing a personal message, a service announcement, or business promotion to the community. They are perfect for posting notices indoors or exposing any intended message outdoors.

Rigid signs can be bolted directly to any wall or can be installed into specialized sign hardware such as a-frame sign holders, lawn sign wire stakes, or yard sign frames. Included below are details on the variety of rigid signage eSigns prints.

coroplast signs

Coroplast Sign Printing

4 millimeter fluted Coroplast signs boards are perfect for printing colorful yard signs that can be staked in the lawn to convey any personal or business message. Our Coroplast print sizes range from 6" in height by 24" & 30" widths for sign riders to as large as 4 foot square signboards.

Shaped contoured yard signs are also available for displaying full color announcements meant for sports displays and school spirit lawn signage.

eSigns now offers affordable 1 color and 2 color screen printed signs.

Digital Printing options include full color single or double sided Coroplast print services. The fluted construction is used to apply yard stakes in order to create a staked stand alone rigid sign. When ordering Coro signs, making sure the fluted holes are in the direction needed for properly mounting yard stakes to your signs.

epanel aluminum signs

ePanel Aluminum Composite Signs

ePanelâ„¢ sign panels include two painted aluminum sheets that are 0.008" in thickness sandwiched together around a polyethylene core to provide a highly durable yet light weight sign surface perfect for printing business related signs and outdoor long lasting signage.

parking signs

Aluminum Parking Signs

.040 or .080 solid Aluminum Gloss White substrate is used to print the parking signs eSigns offers. Current size offerings include 12" X 18" horizontally formatted parking signs or 12" X 18" vertically formatted parking signs. This type of signage is perfect for private drive notices such as hazard announcements, directional sign poles, or specialty parking lot notices.

pvc panels

PVC Foam-board Panels

3 Millimeter PVC Foam Board Signs are a durable lightweight, weatherproof sign substrate that can be easily attached to a wall or act as a stand alone sign using yard stakes or installed outdoors in a sign frame. Other names for PVC signage include brand names such as Sintra, Komatex or Celltex. Our PVC signs can be easily used both for indoor and outdoor sign applications.

Sizes range from 6" X 24" through 3 foot x 2 feet printable sign boards. Print options include our full color digital UV printing process for both single sided and double sided sign displays.


Sign Display Hardware

In order for businesses to showcase the signs we print in a free standing environment, eSigns carries a wide variety of economical rigid sign panel holders, a frames, and sign stakes perfect for both indoor displays and outdoor signs.

a-frame signs

A-Frame Sign Kits

From Slide-in A-frames, our durable Signicade sidewalk style signs, wind spinners, to our Giant A-frame Signs for displaying rigid sign panels up to 4 foot by 3 foot in size, eSigns stocks all the sign frames one could possibly need to ensure your printed sign and a-frame hardware can ship immediately.

sign frames

Sign Frame Kits

Whether you need indoor poster frames, heavy duty hanging or snap-in sign frame kits, eSigns has our sign frames ready to ship the minute your rigid signage is printed.

sign stakes

Sign Stakes

Sign Stakes hold up well in most weather conditions and are good for installing signs in a yard or lawn. Hard soil, hitting rocks while being stuck in the grand can bend or damage sign stakes, so be careful when installing signs using sign stakes.


How to order any sign or banner from eSigns

Regardless of whether you need rigid signs, flexible signage or both for your next print display project, ordering custom signs from eSigns can be conducted by selecting the sign(s) you need and then either uploading your own print ready artwork or customize any of the huge assortment of free sign templates eSigns offers using our online sign design tools.

If you are using any of our signage templates to make your signs, remember that any of our templates can be applied to any of the sign products we offer simply by choosing the Pink, "CHANGE PRODUCT OR SIZE", button at the top left of our online sign editor.