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Garage sales have been an American pastime and extra income generator for decades. Some people simply sit their extra belongings out on the lawn hoping people will pass by. But serious sellers know that cheap professionally made garage sale signs can generate serious buyer interest.

Attract More Residential Traffic With Custom Professional Signs To Advertise Any Garage or Yard Sale!

The tried and true garage sale buyer signs are corrugated plastic yard signs. They are the most popular choice because:

- Corrugated plastic is extremely durable.
- It's weatherproof.
- They are lightweight.
- Installation is easy â?? just stick them in the ground.
- Yard signs are very affordable â?? as low as $3.42 per sign.

We also have a great selection of banners and foam board posters if you are looking to add a little variety to your garage sale signage. These high quality signs are definitely one item that won't end up in the sale pile.

Looking for an even better bargain? Check out our current specials, military discounts, low bulk order rates and Free Super Saver Shipping that's available for all orders over $49.

Create Garage Sale Signs Online That Will Attract More Buyers

Sure, you can buy garage sale signs that are generic. But those signs are so commonplace they do little to catch people's attention. You need custom garage sale signs with full-color high-resolution graphics if you want to pull people in as they drive by.

If you're trying to save money on your garage sale signs eSigns.com is the place to do it. In addition to competitive prices and special discounts we also offer free customization on every order. Now you can create custom signs for the same price as standard issue signage.

Here's how to create a custom garage sale sign for free at eSigns.com:

- First you'll need to decide whether you want to upload a design you've already created, use a customizable design template or 'Design Online' with a blank sign.
- If you choose a template or start with a blank sign the Online Design Tool can be accessed. This online editor uses point and click technology and has a simple layout that makes all of the design options crystal clear. Just click on an option or element within the design to add, edit or remove it.
- Once you're done designing save the template so it's available for future orders.

The Goof Proof Guarantee is your safety net against expensive design mistakes. No matter how the goof up happens, we'll replace your sign within 24 hours if it doesn't turn out perfect.

Is your garage sale next week? Order garage sale signs before 10am Eastern and we'll print them the very same day! One-day shipping is also available for most locations.

Turn your extra stuff into serious cash with custom garage sale signs from eSigns.com!