Banner Hanging Carabiner Snap Hooks, 8-Pack

Banner Hooks, Pack of 8

Banner Hooks are essential gear for both the weekend banner hanging enthusiast and the extreme sign-rigging crowd. They're used for securing banners to chain link fences or cables, and are an absolute must if you're doing an over-the-street mesh banner. Slide these bad boys through your vinyl banner's grommet-holes and your sign is ready to rock and roll.

These simple snap hook carabiners work great on banners. If you hang a pole banner over the street, slide a cable through the pole pockets (this keeps the banner hanging nicely without bunching), and then use these banner hooks through the grommet holes and around a steel cable afixed just above the banner. This ensures that your banner will be a huge success and will remain hanging across the street as intended.

Banner Hooks:

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