Banner Rope and Bungees

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Bungees Ropes

An effective way to hang your Vinyl Banners is by securing them with either rope or bungee cords. The major difference between these two installation methods is the flexibility you may require depending on the environmental conditions where your banners are hanging. If windy conditions could cause your banners to stretch, the flexibility of bungee cords would be the preferred choice for installing your banners. Bungees flex and will stretch in heavy winds to help ensure your banners do not tear. If you are hanging your banners in an indoor setting where wind is not a concern, rope may be your preferred choice due to its strength and cost effectiveness.

By passing the rope or bungees through the grommets we include with our Vinyl Banners, and securely attaching them to your surface area, installing your banners will be an easy task that any person can do quickly.


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