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Grommet Kits are invaluable for a few reasons:
1. What if you need it for an emergency fix at or even during an event in which your sign grommets were torn out by some unfortunate happenstance.
2. Perhaps your vinyl banner includes custom artwork that you no longer have, and you will need to replace your grommets by hand or changing your brand.
3. You just want to repair your banner for other, non-sentimental reasons. In these cases, grommet kits fill an integral niche in the whole banner life-cycle. And with them, statisticians are now saying custom banners are living longer than ever before.

Our grommet kit has everything you need to replace a missing grommet in three steps. Place the backside of the hem on the cutting block (just like the one in your kitchen, only smaller) and use the cutter and a hammer to punch a hole through the banner's hem. Then, still with the banner upside down, place the base onto the cutting block, grommet on the base (post up), and put it through the hole you just made. (That way this becomes the front of the grommet because it's the nicer looking side). With the grommet washer part on the insert handle, put it into the base and hammer away. Best results are achieved by one firm (but not too hard hit), rotate by 1/4 turn, and another hit... repeat until it's all down and it may take several hits. Then comes the fun part of separating the insert handle from the grommet (now that you've wedged it in good with repeated hammer blows) viola! A shiny new grommet!

Great to have on hand for those "what if" situations, even if you're not planning on prolonging the life of a vinyl banner. For instance, what if you hang it the day before your event, and the next morning find a grommet ripped out? No time for replacing the banner so just put in a new grommet and you're able to make it through. It can definitely be a life saver.

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