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175 lb heavy duty zip ties

Our 120 and 175 pound zip ties can be ordered in packages of 24 for the thin zip ties, and packages of 25 or 50 for the 175 lb heavy duty zip ties. 120 lb ties are available in 12" lengths while the 175 lb lengths are available in 18 inch lengths. Both are ideal for quickly hanging vinyl or mesh banners onto a chain-link fence, securing a banner to poles, or hanging banners outdoors.

If you're hanging banners inside or outside, zip ties are an excellent choice. Our smaller packs provide enough zip ties to hang a 35' long banner to a chain link fence (using every grommet hole) and are also great to use as temporary help if you're trying to hang a large banner by yourself.

After wind tunnel testing the failure rates between our 120 pound and 175 pound zip tie products for fastening banners outdoors, we were able to easily conclude that our 175 lb zip ties are able to sustain much higher wind speeds than the 120 lb zip ties. If you are going to be installing banners where the possibility of above average outdoor conditions could exist, we would highly recommend using the 175 lb zip-ties. However, the 120 lb zip tied banners, we feel, would be more than acceptable in normal weather conditions.

Use them to attach little league sponsor banners to chain-link fences, "now open" banners to second floor balcony railings in strip malls, and even to attach a banner to steel shelving in your warehouse.

175 lb Zip Tie Specifications:


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