Grid Hangers for Banners, Pack of 20

banner grid hangers

Useful for hanging indoor banners from drop ceilings, these Grid Hangers open when squeezed, allowing them to be slid through a grommet, and then clamp shut again when released. This lets them hook onto your acoustic ceiling grid so that your banners hang down from the ceiling. Each Grid Hanger can support 15 pounds, which is more than you'd want to hang from any one point of your drop ceiling grid and well over what it takes for our custom banners.

If you need to hang a banner inside and you've got a drop ceiling grid or ceiling track, this takes the guesswork and even the hassle out of hanging them. No more "Where should I put holes in the wall?" or, "Do I have enough twine leftover from last time?". Grid Hangers go up easily, come down the same way, and don't require any hardware or a boy scout badge in knot-tying to get your beautiful banners up and ready for your shindig.

Grid Hangers:

$ 13.99

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